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Saffron Recipes

Saffron enjoys wide and varied use in the world of cooking. You can use saffron in traditional dishes such as Spanish paella, Italian risotto, and spaghetti. Saffron makes a wonderful dip and you can even find recipes for saffron milk. Browse through the list below to begin cooking with this wonderful and versatile spice.

Thumb PaellaTasty Spanish Paella

The flavor of Spain.

Thumb Scampi RisottoScampi Risotto

Delicious Risotto with Scampi

Thumb Saffron riceSaffron Rice

The yellow rice!

Thumb Saffron fish soupSaffron fish soup

A delicious soup with saffron.

Thumb Saffron milkSaffron milk

Hot during the winter - shake during the summer

Thumb Saffron RisottoSaffron Risotto

A classik recipe for saffron lovers

Thumb Orange turkeyOrange turkey

Saffron orange turkey for special day.

Thumb Saffron SpaghettiSaffron Spaghetti

Italian lifestyle with Saffron!

Thumb Raisin RiceRaisin Rice

Tasty and easy to make!

Thumb Saffron IceSaffron ice

Perfect during the summer time.

Thumb Saffron yoghurtSaffron yoghurt

The perfect stat in a day!

Thumb Saffron biscuitsSaffron biscuits

For your kids!

Saffron Tips

When experimenting on your own with saffron, be careful not to use too much. Not only will too much saffron cause your food to taste very bitter, it can also cause saffron poisoning if used in very large amounts.

Saffron can be simmered to create a concentrated solution for use in cooking. Use 1 heaping teaspoon of saffron to 4 cups of milk or water, simmer for 20 minutes and use the solution for a smoother saffron taste.

Above all, when cooking with saffron, remember to have fun and enjoy all the many ways you can use saffron in your kitchen!

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