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Lose Weight With Saffron

Like other weight loss treatments, saffron is not a cure-all fix that will let you munch potato chips on the couch while the pounds melt away. It does, however, have properties that can help a motivated dieter lose weight successfully and much easier than dieting alone.

"Nutrition Research" published a study in 2010 that found snacking tendencies in some overweight people were reduced with a daily dose of 176.5mg of saffron extract. Women in this study group lost a higher percentage of weight than those in the study who did not take saffron extract.

Saffron has long been touted as an effective cure for depression and overall mood enhancer. A 2006 study showed a significant improvement in the moods of depressed study participants after taking saffron for just six weeks. Generally, a person who has a more positive outlook on life will be more successful at dieting and exercise.

Saffron also has the power to soothe and relax a person, making everyday stresses a little less stressful. This too can be a significant contributing factor to a person´s success at losing weight. When you feel calm, relaxed and cheerful, you also tend to be more active which also is a key factor in successfully losing weight.

If you choose to use saffron to help you lose weight, be sure to choose saffron of the highest quality to be sure your efforts will pay off. Low quality saffron may not possess the proper concentration of healing properties a high quality saffron may. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for when purchasing saffron.

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