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Saffron As An Aphrodisiac

Food and eroticism have been closely linked throughout our history. The aphrodisiac powers of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables have long been recorded and passed down through the generations. Saffron is one such herb that has been noted as an aphrodisiac as long ago as during the time of Queen Cleopatra, when she used it in her bath water to improve lovemaking.

To make a delicious syrup of saffron for use as an aphrodisiac, steep about 25 finely chopped saffron threads in about one quart of a dessert wine for one full day. Once it has finished steeping, filter the saffron out using a coffee filter. Next, simmer the wine with 5 cups of powdered raw sugar or brown sugar for 24 hours on very low heat until it is reduced by half.

For an enjoyable kiss, wet the lips of your partner with this syrup. A tablespoon of syrup in a glass of sparkling champagne makes a delicious, sensual treat.

Saffron syrup can calm the mind and relax the soul, leaving a person relaxed and ready to enjoy a romantic evening.

Dirk Schneider

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