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Effect of Saffron

Saffron has a versatile medical action, and the reputed healing properties of saffron are scientifically verifiable. The carotenoids as well as various essential oils have long been known in medicine. Saffron has both analgesic properties that act on pain of the body as well as mental pain. In addition, the diuretic effect is known and sweaty.

Effect of Saffron

Also saffron as a remedy for epileptic seizures and as a heart medication is used. Saffron is also suitable for strengthening the stomach and lack of appetite. The liver is benefiting from the gifts of saffron, mainly because of the slight bitterness. In whooping cough and other violent coughing spells saffron brings relief.

Except in the pregnancy - Caution, possible miscarriage! - Saffron can be used in many situations to strengthen overall. But as with any remedy should be discouraged from an overdose - to poisoning by saffron are possible!

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