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Why is our saffron as favorable over other providers?
Through the use of large containers (5-gram bags in our case) and optimized business processes, we can offer you high quality saffron for a good and reasonable price.


What is the quality of saffron that we deliver?
We supply only genuine Iranian saffron in Negin Coupe quality (Spanish standard) or ISO 3632-2 quality in Level I (international standard). The crocin value at approximately 270th. In addition, the product is finished in Spain and thus becomes a "product of Spain."


What is the difference in quality between saffron threads and saffron powder?
With saffron powder, you’ll never know if you get 100% pure saffron. For example, the product is often adulterated with turmeric. It is more difficult when the saffron is a forgery and it can’t be seen better, why hire a connoisseur when you can buy saffron threads.  To be sure that they are in a very good quality, our saffron threads are checked for forgery (as well also our powder).


How do we deliver?
We deliver our goods with DHL or other courier service of our choice.


Is the saffron packaged?
We provide packed 5-gram aroma bags (threads) or plastic bags (powder) for our saffron. For best storage at your home, we also recommend storing them in a light seasoning aluminum boxes.


How long does delivery take?
We are trying to have available saffron in our warehouse. However, sellout may lead to supply bottleneck of mroe than 2-3 weeks. We provide our own saffron parcels once a week. Please check back later if you would want to wait a little longer to purchase the product.


Is our saffron counterfeit-proof?
All our saffron deliveries are checked for authenticity.


Why is saffron so expensive?
The production cost of saffron is extremely high. To obtain 1 gram of saffron threads, several flowers are required which only bloom once a year.


How long should you store the saffron?
In general, you can store the saffron under the recommended storage conditions, retention of at least 2-3 years. Look out for our best before date on the packagaing.


How much saffron should you use fo a dish?
For 3-4 people in the court usually about 0.1 grams of saffron threads are needed. Pay attention to the details in the recipe. (If there are 2.0 grams - you better check it again after - whether the statement is correct)


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