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Saffron threads, Organic-Pepper and Flor de Sal

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5 Grams Saffron threads

19,99 EUR

( 7 % VAT incl. )

3.998,00 EUR per 1 kg

Weight: 0.0100 kg

Shipping time: 3-10 days*

10 pcs Bourbon-Vanilla beans

19,99 EUR

( 7 % VAT incl. )

2,00 EUR per Pcs

Weight: 0.0400 kg

Shipping time: 3-10 days*

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You can save money with bulk packaging. We offer high-quality saffron at a reasonable price.
Through the use of large containers and the direct purchase from manufacturers, we can offer high quality Iranian saffron (Coupe quality), Organic-Pepper from Madagascar and a Flor de Sal from Portugal at a low price.

Dirk Schneider

Save money when buying in bulk

Premium taste - affordable experience!

Dirk Schneider, Founder About us